Flowers at the Barn Door

holding roses

I’m over at the Barn Door with a fresh poem today.
It’s about flowers.

Your comments at the Barn Door are much appreciated.

Thanks for your kind support. Happy June!


photo credit: thepalmer/istockphoto



9 thoughts on “Flowers at the Barn Door

      • I know and I apologize, Lori! I haven’t been receiving notifications from many who I follow, which is no excuse, but they help me a lot in the midst of life. I’ve had glitches on WP affecting my cell phone and desktop and it’s been so frustrating. Anyway, they are all fixed and it’s nice to see you, too. Hope to see you in my world, also. :) Have a lovely day!

  1. I did try to comment Lori – loved your poem at the Barn Door. But it wouldn’t let me comment as myself or via wordpress or with a google account. Sigh. I said this, “Flowers in all their iterations are shown here with your words.” ~Dor

    • It was good of you to try, Dor. Sorry you had trouble. I wonder if the site administrator locks out comments after a couple of days?

      It’s always a day-brightener to have you on the Patio! ~Lori

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