Memorial Day Poem


Memorial Day 

red paper poppies

small town parades

flags and gunned salutes

flowers at headstones


quiet lives of liberty


by Lori Lipsky, May 2014

photo: iStockphoto/dabjola



My new poem, The Private’s Wife may be found over at The Barn Door. Thank you for your comments and kind support.

photo: istockphoto/michieldb

Paved With Gold Haiku

photo credit: iStockphoto/Borchee

photo credit: iStockphoto/Borchee

 Haiku 16

shades of autumn

footpaths glittered with gold

hints of heaven


In addition, my short ekphrastic Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Russell poem is posted at the Barn Door today. Your comments there are much appreciated. Thank you for reading.

note: both poems, now modified, first appeared in 2012.

A Summertime Poem

Wild Poppies Near Argenteuill, Claude Monet

Wild Poppies Near Argenteuill, Claude Monet

Our summer may not be the Monet poppy field we dreamed of last winter as we longed for warmer weather. Rabbits and mosquitoes have a way of altering plans.

My new Summertime poem is now up at the Barn Door. Your comments over at the Barn Door are much appreciated.

Thanks for your support! ~Lori

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