I like your patio. I like your poems.

Resa McConaghy, Vancouver, Canada

Lori Lipsky has revived my interest in poetry because she is 
thoughtful, expressing depth of meaning and emotion with only a 
few words. 
Tracie Henkel, Apple Valley, MN

You have such a subtle way of tugging at my conscience on certain 
issues. Thank you for that! 
Jacquie, Johannesburg, South Africa

I love how you can tell a touching story with just a few words. 
Lori, your poetry is a joy to read, and your presentation a welcomerefreshment in the midst of too many demands. 
Sue Smith, Fitchburg, WI

Your poems are awesome, Lori. Yeahhhhh…. Keep them coming!  
Subhan Zein, Australia (via Jakharta, Indonesia)

You do an amazing job capturing emotions in so few words!
Susan Bahr, Vermont

Lori brightens our day with wit and wisdom!  
Carolyn Page, Australia

You look at the world through perceptive, appreciative lenses!
Anita Klumpers, Cottage Grove, WI

People forget to picture themselves in the shoes of others, to 
read between the lines. Both of these qualities are on view here. 
Ben Naga

How you can capture so much in such few words and one picture is 
a gift. Lovely! 
Sue Finley, MacFarland, WI

Lori’s poetry is simple, the themes profound, the emotions vibrant.
Eric M. Vogt, Missouri

I always come away from one of Lori Lipsky's poems feeling better 
or being better! Good words, fun words, insightful words—. 
Robin Steinweg, Prairie du Sac, WI 

Enjoyed your poems… great insight.
Joseph Sebastine, Cochin, India

Lori, I love your site and your poems! Few well chosen
words say so much, describing not what is happening but 
the feeling behind it.
Katina Vaselopulos, Chicago, IL via Greece

Amazing work of poetry! Love this! 
Joanie Shawhan, Madison, WI

Had a really nice morning reading some of your poems. I love 
your way of writing.
Manu Kurup, Andhra Pradesh, India

2 thoughts on “Comments

  1. You have a lovely site Lori, and certainly a way with words. So happy to make your acquaintance! Thank you for subscribing to my blog. It is fun making new friends in the blogging world. Margie

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