Poetry, Art, Life

Welcome to the Poetry Patio. I’m moving over here from Visits and Verse just in time to celebrate National Poetry Month. There’ll be a sturdier emphasis on poetry and all things poetic at the Patio.
Poetry, art, life…
Pour a cup of tea or grab your beverage of choice, take a seat in one of the yellow chairs and join me here on the patio. You are invited.
My goal is to share a poem once a week or more here on the site.I invite you to follow Poetry Patio by email. Simply click on the word follow at the upper right.Thanks for taking the time to stop by.
The site will open soon.

The Patio

Yellow chairs

On an all-weather patio

A poetry place


10 thoughts on “Poetry, Art, Life

  1. Robin, You found the Poetry Patio even before I sent a note out. You’ll always be my first commenter!
    Thanks for finding me:-).

  2. This is exciting! This is great! I love the poems and I am looking forward to more.

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