8 thoughts on “Can You Keep a Secret?

  1. You’ve struck the target again!
    It’s no secret how succinct, how observant your poetry is, Lori.

  2. Oh boy. So true. My parents drummed into me the importance of not sharing secrets told me by others, and especially not sharing with ANYONE what I wanted kept secret.
    Everyone should read this before they want to share with ‘just one person’.

  3. I love this blog! Lori, your poetry is a joy to read, and your presentation a welcome refreshment in the midst of too many demands.

  4. Love “secrets” and “wide roots”! You are an excellent poet dear sister. I really enjoy reading what you’ve written. I got a kick out of the preface to “Secrets”. The children’s choir is performing a song “Can You Keep a Secret”!

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