Dating (Mathematical Poetry)

Dating by Kaz Maslanka

Interested in a blend of the “aesthetics of poetics and mathematics?”

Kaz Maslanka blogs over at Mathematical Poetry. To learn more about Mathematical Poetry, scroll down and check out the links in the right column of his page under the words “start here,”or just explore the blog. There’s a wealth of information (no, I don’t understand some of it) but it’s intriguing and easy to lose track of time as you explore.

Kaz Maslanka’s “Dating” poem appears here on the Poetry Patio by permission of the author. This poem fit marvelously with the week’s marriage theme, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to share it here.

For more about Kaz Maslanka, click here to see his website and here to view his Blogger profile.

Wouldn’t this poem fit well in a pre-marital counseling packet?

5 thoughts on “Dating (Mathematical Poetry)

  1. Interesting. I can see why this one appealed to you. It makes an important point using a few well-chosen words.

  2. Wow. With offerings like this, I might just get to liking math instead of tolerating it from afar! Thank you for sharing this. I’ll head over to “Mathematical Poetry” to hang out for awhile.

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