The Widow

The Widow by Lori Lipsky 

The two hold hands 
Each evening 
As they stroll 
By her home 

From her kitchen window 
She sees them pass 
And remembers
A better time 

~published by Sparkbright Magazine,issue 7, December, 2011

photo credit: iStockphoto, Don Bayley

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Do you have a widow in your life?  


7 thoughts on “The Widow

  1. Another very touching poem. I do have a young widow in my life. The picture is perfect with it.

    • My neighbor was younger than I am now when she lost her husband. Whenever she mentions his name, her voice has the sweetest tone. It’s obvious she cared for him deeply.

  2. Beautiful. It also applies to a woman whose husband is slowing leaving her because Alzheimer’s is stealing him away.

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