A Small Stone about Raindrops

Plump raindrops
Leave spots behind
On clean windows


Lori Lipsky

~ published by a handful of stones, December 8, 2011

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According to Fiona Robyn, editor of a handful of stones, “a small stone is a polished moment of paying proper attention.” You may enjoy checking out the site.

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Whether you like to write or not, take some time today, look carefully, and pay attention.

What do you notice?


6 thoughts on “A Small Stone about Raindrops

  1. Since you’ve started me thinking about drops, let’s see if it inspires a stone…

    One tiny drip of clear soda
    from a seventy-five cent bottle
    becomes a one-inch black blot
    requiring a sixty-dollar cleaning.

    That was no stone–that was an avalanche! I enjoyed yours, though, Lori! And I’ll visit A Handful of Stones soon.

  2. Not an avalanche. Many stones are this length (do check out the site), but perhaps a bit more upbeat, which is what I see in your writing time after time. Actually, upbeat describes you in a nutshell. Upbeat is good medicine. Thanks for stopping by!

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