Wisdom in the Berry

Wisdom in the Berry
by Lori Lipsky

Wisdom in the berry
Bursts forth with one bite
No folly do the skies hold
In cloud, moon or stars

And at the beach, majestic 
Waves and timely tides proclaim
Creative force, brilliant thought
And wisdom have aligned

photo credit: Sue Vick Finley

Sue Finley’s photos are on display in the case at the E.D. Locke Library in McFarland, Wisconsin through April 30, 2012.

You may view some of Sue Finley’s photography work on Facebook at Tree-Hollow Cottage Photography or Sue Vick Finley. Also, Sue Finley on Google+.
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5 thoughts on “Wisdom in the Berry

  1. Nicely done Lori! I am glad to have a photo that compliments your poem perfectly.

    • I remember spotting your photo on Facebook around the time I was working on this poem. Thanks for sharing it with the readers here on the patio, Sue.

  2. Just lovely! A perfect poem and perfect photo. Thank you ladies– you make quite a team!

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