Haiku 01

Puffy white balls

yield yellow offspring

feign legitimacy


“Each haiku captures a moment of experience.”~Misslas


Lori’s Notes: Contemporary haiku is no longer tied to the strict 5-7-5 form you learned as a child, although the debate is ongoing.

Check out this article by A.C. Misslas (Acorn) for more information on contemporary haiku.

Want to read more haiku, or write your own and have it published? Modern Haiku and Acorn are two sites you may want to explore.

20 thoughts on “Haiku 01

  1. Thank you for your poetry, I share it with the kids for part of our school day.

    • Kim,
      Warm greetings to you and your kids. I enjoyed hearing that you are sharing my poems. Thanks for leaving a comment.

  2. This is a fun haiku Lori. Made me laugh, especially since those puffy white balls are EVERYWHERE this spring!
    Don’t Do

    count in the modern sense?

  3. Nice one Lori. Charlotte had fun with those white balls this weekend.

  4. White spheres of fluff
    On field of green below azure
    Make for unhappy neighbors

    Does that count for modern, up-to-date, current-event-style Haiku??? 😦

  5. Are you the unhappy neighbor or is it your neighbor who is unhappy?? That’s what I want to know:-).

    Thanks for commenting, Robin. You and your haiku are always welcome here on the patio.

    • Heh heh–I’ll tell you after Tom mows the lawn 😉
      Four-legged balls of fluff
      Yapping among balls of white
      Make this neighbor mad!

    • I’m pretty sure you could whip these off (haiku-ish poems) all night long. It takes me much, much longer to fashion one.
      Are the dogs still barking??
      I hope not!

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