At the Pool

Every Other Day at the Pool by Lori Lipsky

My arms extend forward
stretched out, palms downward

First neighbors, then Moses
they part the water

Pulling my body forward.
Again hands reach out

Divide the water
divide the years

So now I am ten
and float and kick

With water below, above
around and all about

In heart, in mind
jumping, flipping

Though dignity knows better, and
tautened arms

Divide the liquid over and again
in a suitable, age-appropriate style.


12 thoughts on “At the Pool

  1. Aw, forget that dignity stuff and just cut loose and have a splash!
    I love this poem, Lori. I appreciate Moses parting the water and especially the line about dividing the years. You took me back to ten, too.

  2. This poem gets better with each reading.
    What a great way to start my day!

  3. For all of us who love being in the water this was a treat to read. It took me back too!

  4. Makes me wish it were warm enough to take a plunge-it brings back many pleasant memories!

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