Haiku 02

Her husband now gone

She must learn to eat alone

Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Note: A "Human Haiku" is called a senryu. 
For more on Haiku and Senryu, I invite you to check out 
this article by Elizabeth St Jacques.

photo credit: iStockphoto/Donna Coleman

12 thoughts on “Haiku 02

  1. This Haiku tugs at my heart, since my mom is still learning to eat alone. It’s a good reminder to take a meal now and then with a lonely soul. Well done, Lori. And thank you for including the link to Elizabeth St. Jacques’ article. I enjoyed that, too. I love Haiku!

  2. Really liking the photo with it- they complimented each other.
    And they both made me sad.
    You have a way to write poignant poetry without it descending into sentimentalism.

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