Tassel Turned

 Tassel Turned by Lori Lipsky
~For Katie and her parents

Though she stands dignified in cap and gown
Behind her hides a past miniature form
Ready to revisit at any moment
Though courageous, prepared 
By sisters’ trodden tracks
She pursues marked
Paths ahead

But then she articulates in cap and gown
And young girl fades to irretrievable
Proves equipped by spoken word
Focused, secure—on she treads
Forward to another chapter
As childhood proclaims
Its disappearance

Lori's Notes: It's that time of year. Students are 
graduating from high school and college. Dismayed 
parents look on, wondering where the years have gone.

Is there a major life event that's caused (is causing) 
you to pause and wonder about the speed of time?


14 thoughts on “Tassel Turned

  1. You’re tugging at my heart again, Lori! Ow. Still, since we can’t go back, let’s enjoy every moment with our offspring, and call this stage of their lives the best time ever. You have a beautiful poem here.

  2. Lovely poem for the “best time ever”. The older one gets the more one pauses and wonders at the speed of time!

  3. I love this poem, Lori. It pulls at my heart strings to read it again and ponder the changes a year can bring.

    • So glad you happened to see today’s poem, Katie’s mom! It does my heart good to hear you like it! Thanks for leaving a note. Katie and your girls have a special place in my heart since we spent so much time together as the girls were growing up. And now I’m getting all sentimental…

  4. Congratulations to Katie and her family! I first read this last night shortly after we returned from Chicago, where the oldest of our “young girls” faded into the distant crowds of airport security. I read it again this morning, after hearing the tired but confident voice of the world traveler proclaiming from the Lyons airport the disappearance, somewhere along the way, of a cherished childhood. The childhood is oh-so-hard to say goodby to, but I console myself by reminding myself it was designed to be temporary, and I can rejoice in the implementation, by God’s grace and blessing, of His design, even as my heart breaks just a little.

    • Beautifully said, Sue! And just think what an adventure your daughter is going to have!
      When your child is out of the country (or the state) Skype is a wonderful thing.

      • Thanks, Lori. I do hope to get set up for Skype (and now I know how to spell it). And thank you for the wonderful poetry that helped me work through that.

        • You will feel so comforted when you see your daughter on Skype, and she can even move her screen around and give you a tour of her apartment. Ten dollars in the Skype account goes a long way–cost is amazingly low. I hope you can get it set up and see her from France today!

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