Morning Floats By, Haiku

Haiku 03

Morning floats by—

Pansies, lilies, roses and

Two yellow finches


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What colorful flowers or birds have you noticed near your home today?

12 thoughts on “Morning Floats By, Haiku

  1. I am drinking in the colors around me on this beautiful morning. Mostly reds and pinks on my arbor for a breakfast color. I love your Haiku.

  2. So peaceful and evocative. I love this. I hope that is a finch singing outside my window.

  3. Here’s a Haiku concerning what I see today:

    William Baffin Rose
    Unmolested by beetles
    Due to early spring

    I LOVE Haiku, Lori! Thanks for starting my day out so sweetly! You make me more aware of sounds and sights.

    • Always learning. I had to look up William Baffin Rose, too. Pretty, but had never heard of them before. So glad the beetles aren’t attacking them.

  4. What a beautiful word picture. It makes me wish I was sitting on my patio watching the birds go by!

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