The Cause

Evidence by Lori Lipsky

I've seen the branches sway
The flowers bow their heads
Flags stretch out, flap out of beat
Birds wave their wings to stay in place

I’ve seen the lake in turmoil
Ocean waves rise high
But never seen the cause delayed
Or rushed or held by any mortal hand

It’s Flag Day in the U.S. today. Will you do anything to  remember or celebrate? 

**(Happy 26th anniversary to Sandy and Jon Lipsky)!

photo credit: iStockphoto/Doug Von Gausig

12 thoughts on “The Cause

  1. You have a way of adding a whole other dimension to a thought-provoking, moving poem, just by adding the perfect one-word title. What a gift. We have no place to fly a fag but I’ll enjoy looking at them when I am out today!

    • We used to have a bracket by the front porch, but when it rusted and we painted the porch it got removed and never replaced. Time to do it!

  2. Thanks for reminding me that it is flag day. I would have rushed right past it. I agree with Robin!

  3. Thank you dear sister! Love you and appreciate your wonderful and honoring poem.

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