Haiku 07

Haiku 07

Wedding by the lake

Start of life’s song together

Tender melody


I’ve never been to a wedding by a lake, but I can picture it and it’s lovely.

Did you happen to attend any weddings in June? By a lake?


7 thoughts on “Haiku 07

  1. So pretty. I could see this printed on the program of a wedding by the lake. I have been at a wedding on the farm, by the woods, and on a hillside. No lakes yet.

  2. Yup, I’ve been to (and in) weddings by the lake. Lovely! Windy, too. πŸ™‚ Your Haiku today is as lovely as the wedding it describes, Lori!

  3. Anita, Wow. I have only been to church and park weddings. Quite a dull existence compared to yours. Thanks for the kind comment.

    Robin, I imagine you’ve played and/or sung at all sorts of wedding spots. I hadn’t thought of the wind. I suppose indoors is safest, but there’s nothing like a lake view! Thank you for taking time to comment.

  4. Lovely! I like the way you have imagined the wedding… created it in your mind then shared it with us!

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