11 thoughts on “Haiku 08

  1. Great Haiku, Lori (meant as a compliment, not a sixties-Batman-esque expletive)! And thanks for the nomination. I hope within a couple of months to join the ranks of active bloggers. Not joggers, no. Bloggers.
    As for knitting, take heart. When you go on auto-pilot it’ll go quicker. As for kitty, take heart. Perhaps older daughter will find a cat-friendly apartment and take him along to school. And as for mosquitoes, I suppose there’s something to be thankful for even in southern Wisconsin’s drought–too dry for them!

    • Robin, We look forward to reading your blog! And Paige is keeping eyes open for a cat-friendly apartment. And no mosquitoes is definitely something to be thankful for!

  2. Oh, very well deserved! I can see you getting many many more awards!

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