Rings on her Fingers

Rings on her Fingers by Lori Lipsky

She wears rings on three or four fingers
to match the color of her necklace
and earrings, all which coordinate
with her ensemble of the day. Each time
we meet for coffee she wears a different color:
ruby, blue sapphire, emerald, coral, amethyst.
We need no other reason to be friends. The color
takes me home, back with mother, who
wore the prettiest rings and had the kindest smile.

15 thoughts on “Rings on her Fingers

  1. I love this, Lori! Your observation makes one think: how many relationships are based on someone the friend reminds us of? Like Susan, the last line is my favorite.

  2. Your poems don’t need photo accompaniment. They paint their own pictures in vivid colors.
    This one is really hitting home as I’m getting some of my mom’s beautiful clothes ready for a garage sale.

    • Thank you, my new faraway friend. I love your photos. My husband traveled to Johannesburg once for business several years ago. That’s my only real connection to your part of the world until now.
      Have you ever been to the U.S.?

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