To Honor the Widow

In Honor of the Widow Seated Alone at the Restaurant 
On her Birthday by Lori Lipsky

Their son found a wife
Began married life
His career took him far away

Their next flew west
He deemed it the best
For him and his family

Their girl met a man
Transferred to Japan
Pursued him across the sea

Their youngest moved north
He was the fourth
Some grand opportunity

Mom and Dad and no other
Though they loved one another,
Their children had all moved away.

Grandbabies were born
It caused them to mourn
They couldn’t afford to visit

Good intentions, well meant,
Photos were sent,
But then Dad grew ill and died

Now mom lives alone
Connects on the phone
Her children are spread worldwide

Her birthday was hard,
One kid sent a card
One called and wished her well

No cake, no caring
Her ache unsparing,
Her kids all live far away.


The first five stanzas were submitted to and published by Pegasus Review in April 2011 under a different title.

I have plans to eat out with my husband for my birthday today. We’ll be talking about our girls, I’m sure. Our youngest moved out of the house on Thursday to attend college a few states away in Missouri. Our oldest moves to Georgia in a couple of weeks. The empty nest days begin…

Is there a widow in your life? Do you know when her birthday is?


19 thoughts on “To Honor the Widow

  1. This is so touching. You see these widows with such compassionate eyes,
    and use your gift with words to arouse compassion is others. Well done.

  2. Oh Lori, felt my heart break a little. Good write, a thoughtful and moving piece. And your final question is such a great thought to pursue!

  3. I am not a widow, but I certainly an relate to the feelings of sadness of having your children and grandchildren living far away. Our kids grew up in San Antonio but moved to Michigan and Boston when they grew up. My husband and I tried to find a job closer to them, but nothing materialized. We live in Virginia now, as close to them as we’re going to get. It will never be close enough. Very poignant and well-written poem.

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