17 thoughts on “One Last Summer Cinquain

    • Thank you, Ellen.
      There’s still plenty of brown on our lawn, but maybe yesterday’s short rain will help. I think it’s time that, like you, I ready myself for autumn. I’m still in denial.

  1. Oh my, I could have quoted this yesterday! It was baking-hot for our picnic and this cinquain describes it perfectly. Proceed faster please!

    • Okay. Maybe I am getting ready for fall. Just can’t take the heat any more. I’m glad I was spoiled and in A/C yesterday. I remember when I was a kid…just dreaming what it must be like to have air conditioning. Thanks for dropping by the patio. You are always welcome!

  2. Ha! I did a little talking to the unprevailing breezes yesterday, too. And we have greened right up with more rain. However, I notice it’s all dandelions and crab grass. Sigh. I enjoyed your poem!

    • “unprevailing breezes.” I like that.

      We have more weeds and brown in our front yard than we’ve ever had. By far. Always good to have you sitting on the patio for a bit.

  3. September marks the beginning of Spring for us here in Oz. Your oppressive heat is our delight of moving out from the cold of winter to the warmth… Soon though, in a few short months, I will be lamenting the close of Spring as the temp rises to unbearable heat… Ah well, that’s life; it sure is a mixture..! 🙂
    Loved your rhythm; it worked beautifully.. 🙂

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