Heart Monitor

Heart Monitor

She used to sing all the time
every day, almost every hour

but I noticed I haven’t heard
her sing for quite a while.

She used to hum and whistle
sit at the piano, make it ring

but I noticed I haven't heard
her sing for quite a while.

I don’t see tears and she seems fine, but
she used to sing all the time,

and I noticed I haven't heard
her sing for quite a while.

by Lori Lipsky

33 thoughts on “Heart Monitor

    • I’m sorry to hear it, Carl. I hope the wind comes back up for you and your sails soon. I am like this now, too, and I’m not exactly sure why. It took me a while to notice.

  1. Your words are often a heart monitor for your readers, Lori. You help me see that I need to take notice and sing a New Song into someone’s heart. Thank you!

  2. Like a fine painting, poetry can be interpreted in very different ways. This one makes me feel sad. And I wonder, “Whatever caused this person to stop the music?” I hope she can be restored.

  3. Lori, I am so moved by this. I do hope you are ok. It is weird that some of the blogs I follow are not appearing in my Reader section. I just thought of you and decided to pop in and check on you. Warmest wishes from down here 🙂

    • Hi Jacquie. I have the same Reader problem with some of my favorites. I’ve heard various reports, but I’m not exactly sure how the Reader functions. I’ve had to pop over to the southern hemisphere now and then to see you. Thank you ever so much for thinking of me here in Wisconsin, USA. It’s a high of 65 degrees F here today, rainy, and the leaves are past peak and falling to the ground.

      I am okay. Just not singing these days.

  4. Sometimes clouds suddenly float into our lives and cause us to stop singing. But then, just as suddenly, the sky clears, our world looks bright, and our hearts begin to sing again. The secret, I think, is to be able to sing through the rain. One day – maybe!! Blessings.

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