On Maple Street

On Maple Street by Lori Lipsky


Early autumn winds robbed the trees of color

Hearty rains washed the leaves from eyesight

The unwelcomed gray left behind by the storm

Supplied a snug backdrop for essential winter rest.


photo credit: iStockphoto/DorianGray

20 thoughts on “On Maple Street

  1. Winter’s upside. I like that. And I love the snuggling up to a warm fire part of it too. Your poem makes me think of hot chocolate and fuzzy slippers and lotsa rest. I suppose nature’s taking its rest too. Good poem!

  2. Yes, Lori; it would seem that nature knows best! In Australia we are coming out of our winter hibernation into spring. I have felt myself ‘coming alive’ with a little more energy, and motivation to spring clean, and in general, do more…!
    Seems the body needs this winter ‘quiet’ time to rejuvenate and prepare for the ‘lighter’ seasons..!
    Enjoy the stillness…

  3. Just wanted to say thank you for following my posts. Please feel free toquestion or criticize anything you read, particularly poetry, For myself I rarely criticize another’s works unless asked to, but I welcome anything you may have to add. I am much older and have learned a long time ago how to survive a beating, lol. Best KB

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