In pleasant shade of poplar trees
we shared a picnic lunch and
whispered first promises.

Over years, storms
destroyed our picnic spot,
but still we persist,
shielded by the shadow
of promises kept.
by Lori Lipsky

25 thoughts on “Shade

  1. As a reader I have the license to poem interpretation and what I like is the “shade” in first line can be understood in terms of color, mood or shadow and all seem to fit.

  2. This would be wonderful on an anniversary card. It portrays deeper, mature love and commitment in just a few ‘just perfect’ words.

  3. I think there are many ways to interpret this poem, and perhaps we see what is most apparent to us in our own lives, at a given time.
    For instance, I find the second stanza quite ambiguous; ‘shielded by the shadow’ has, for me, quite a negative, overbearing feel to it in comparison with the lightheartedness of the early lines.
    But this lends your poem a richness, I think.
    In such a few short lines you manage to convey a whole relationship, and nothing can ever be black and white there. Bravo!

    • “We see what is most apparent to us in our own lives.” I see what you mean here. We often bring our own viewpoint or life experience to what we read and I suppose this poem is no different.
      To me, ‘shielded by the shadow’ owned a warm, comforted feeling, but you’ve opened my eyes by sharing the negative you found there. Thank you for taking the time to comment, Anne. I appreciate your encouraging words.

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