Writer Dreams

Writer Dreams
Seated in a leather chair at
an over-sized mahogany desk
surrounded by stacks of books and
whispers of encouragement,
in a quiet room with 
gorgeous Mediterranean views
the muse alights, and 
the story
of a lifetime
writes itself.

by Lori Lipsky

32 thoughts on “Writer Dreams

  1. Lori, thank you for stopping and following my blog. I look forward to following your wonderful poetry. I agree that the story writes itself or the poem for that matter. We just need to sit quietly and allow the process to happen. Thank you for a beautiful poem and reminder.

    Take care,


  2. This one makes me smile. And now I know that the secret to good writing
    is a mahogany desk. Off to find one on Craig’s List…

  3. Or we can be in a darkened room with no window, a hard straight backed chair with little to no comfort surrounding and yet, within this starkness, the writer approaches what is to become the thrill of a lifetime… Magic can happen almost anywhere…! And does…..

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