A Time To Sit Still

A Time to Sit Still by Lori Lipsky

We set time
to come along
near one

whose clock
appeared to
tick a-tock
in tempo with
a distant world
With love, in honor of my mother-in-law, Phyllis Lipsky
December 4, 1937-November 25, 2012
photo: istockphoto/Spauln

48 thoughts on “A Time To Sit Still

    • Yes, mothers are not replaceable. I am sorry for your loss, Carl. I read some where you said that now it’s just you and your dad. I’m glad he has you.

  1. So beautiful Lori. Anyone who sat by the bedside of a loved one knows
    what this is like. You gave those deep emotions some quiet, lovely words.

  2. You stated this so beautifully, Lori. Setting our time aside is the best gift we can give and one we will never regret. So sorry for your loss. Love you!

  3. Profound, insightful and filled with joyful anticipation. Thank you for the wonderful tribute…it is a message that resonates in my heart tonight. Our lives are but a moment and yet there is infinity in each breath…you are in my thoughts and prayers….

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