The Piano


The Piano by Lori Lipsky

A sort of magic happens
when she sits at her piano

Turbulence takes flight
with the music as she plays

Inexplicable transformations
in her mind, in her heart

A sort of magic happens
on waves of pleasant chords

When she sits at her piano
all disquiet flies away
photo credit: istockphoto/Marc Fischer

29 thoughts on “The Piano

  1. Thank you. As you know, I do not comment much, but I am very pleased to share your work through a blogroll link for your poetry is truly enjoyable.

  2. Really enjoying the image of music as serving double duty: not only providing peace, but actively working to kick out the chaos. Thankful that musicians can provide this even for those of us who can’t play any instrument.

    • “Kick out the chaos.” I love that phrase, and the thought that skilled composers, lyricists and performers might combine efforts that yield such a result.

  3. Your piano poem is perfect! My 12 year old daughter plays our piano for me each evening. Last night I took a picture of her with the cat sitting beside her on the piano stool. Even the cat loves to listen! And you are right – it soothes the soul…
    Blessings ~ Wendy

    • It is so wonderful to hear from you, Wendy. Yes, music, even in the hands of less-than-perfect performers can “soothe the soul.” My mom always says that as I was growing up, whenever I’d get upset I’d run to the piano and play. It’s a marvelous outlet for me to this day.
      It’s wonderful to think that even fifty years from now, your daughter will be able to “soothe souls” with her hands.

  4. this poem distinctly reminds me of my daughter playing piano. beautiful. “a sort of magic happens” -so true. I am honored and quite giddy actually, to see my blog on your roll. Thank you very much for the inclusion. I am learning some good blog etiquette from you… in addition to reading your gorgeous poetry. 🙂

    • Happy to hear you’re giddy. That’s how I feel when I spy my name on a blogroll, too. If you’ve been able to take something away from my blog, I’m glad. Thanks for your generous comments about my writing. Much appreciated. Best wishes!

    • Come on. You can do it. Practice 20 or 30 minutes each day, and in your old age you’ll have a lovely companion. I know you must play some or you wouldn’t have purchased the keyboard.

    • Thank you for stopping by my site, Valentina. It’s so good to have you here on the patio!
      I read about your ‘Red’ book and I am now eager to get my hands on a copy. I wish you all the best with your attractive blog and your most recent book!

      • Nice to meet you Lori. I appreciate your interest in my book. You will find lot of interesting information. Thank you for stopping here.

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