42 thoughts on “A Winter Storm

  1. hehee. The next snowfall here may bring it up to our waists…
    Happy New Year Dear Lori! Write long and prosper!

    • I hope we get a rest from snow for a while, though my snowboarding daughter would disagree. Her love for the stuff makes it more tolerate for me when I see it falling. She is so happy about it.
      Happy New Year. Can’t wait to read the book you write in 2013!

  2. Ha! It’s like the children’s song “Head, shoulders, knees and toes…”
    O how I love to get snowed in when the whole family is home!
    I love the way you have with words, Lori.

    • Thanks, Robin. Having the whole family home is marvelous, especially these days as they move in and out…and one day soon there will be no more in. Now I have made myself sad, so I will remember how much easier it is to keep the house clean when they’re away at school. Happy New Year!
      Let’s get together for a writing session soon!

  3. Waists? That’s a lot of snow! Unless it’s a short 5 year old. It is a very hot, sunny day here in Jo’burg today although there are some dark clouds threatening the prospect any outdoor revelling. We’ll be having a picnic tomorrow. Best wishes to you and your family for a wonderful 2013.

    • We do have a lot of snow here! The end of the driveway is the worst. It’s up to the top of the mailbox here. Hard lifting with a shovel, but too wet and heavy for the snowblower. My husband and daughter got a workout.
      It’s hard to imagine hot and sunny these days. Enjoy your picnic and think of us in Wisconsin fondly. We are content with our lot and wish you well with yours. Happy New Year, dear Jacquie!!

    • Thank you, Sue. It’s so good to hear from you. I’m sure you have your share of snow in Vermont from time to time. 🙂 Happy Newey Day. ~Lori

      • 22″ so far this year. Can you believe that? Gonna go broke keeping the driveway plowed.. ah well, it’ll help the economy, right?
        stay warm!

      • It is warmer than Wisconsin but still chilly for this time of year. A white winter is something that I miss as I lived in IL during my childhood. Happy New Year Lori.

  4. Our little house seems to get even smaller as the snowbanks rise. Great poem.

  5. Love it! Our House cracked under the weight of said SNOW shoveled for 4 hrs the 2 of us we moved at least 1 ton of weight from the roof who knew it could be so heavy 😦

      • Happy New Year and yes 23 inches or more with rain and ice that fell I will need to recover from this but belly full an lots of water not sure I can watch the ball this time I am trying though .

      • Sitting here in air conditioning; no, Lori, I don’t mind…
        However, a few moments ago (out in the back garden) taking washing from the line in 98 degree heat I could have happily enjoyed a few snowflakes… 🙂

        • 98 degrees is hard to imagine when we’re at 18 here, but it’s sunny and not snowing, so I’ll be content. If I could share a bit of cool with you, I would. 🙂

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