35 thoughts on “Haiku 17

  1. Oh my friend, truer words were never spoken. I am pounding away on my laptop, trying to keep the creativity from freezing up.

    • Sue Smith wrote above what I’d like to say to you. I can’t wait to read what you’re writing, and so glad to hear you’re pounding away!!

  2. I loved this – Lori. Have you seen Ashi Akira’s blog? I just did a quick post about him you might enjoy (and maybe I’ll get another Haiku written just for me! Greedy gal that I am…)
    My best to you-
    keep ’em coming!

    • We’ll just write. Everyday. We’ll write…and we’ll get there.

      Thanks for following me here on the patio, Cheri. PIck a comfortable chair and grab a blanket. It’s chilly here in WI. 34 degrees, but sunny. 🙂

      • Now I KNOW we are kindred spirits! I live just across the Big Lake – about 1/2 hour from Lake Michigan near the Grand Rapids area. Cold and a little lake-effect snow right now.

        I’ve dabbled with a bit of poetry over the years but always have felt like I really know nothing about the craft so I feel totally cluless. I’m very much enjoying your work. And yes, I am in my comfy chair with my favorite blanket 🙂

        • So glad you enjoy my poems. It’s kind of you to say so. I trust your chair is indoors, not outside on a cold patio. 🙂

          I’m happy to know you are just next door in MI. Happy writing, Cheri!

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