36 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. What a great attitude. But I think I’ll wait to crash the cymbals until my headache is gone 🙂

  2. Ok you may or may not like this, but I have given you three stars for Blogger of the Year!:)
    Sincerely Michelle

    • What’s not to like? An award is always welcomed. I’ll head over to check your post out right away. Thank you for the honor, Michelle, and thanks for coming over to the Patio! Glad to have you here. ~Lori

    • This poem does seem to work best in the mornings. I hope the lifting fog inspires another short mystery like your Model for Murder. I liked it!

      Thanks for dropping by, Lisa. ~Lori

  3. I love mornings – there’s just something so magical and full of hope for good things. I think I need to get myself some cymbals – neighbours won’t need alarm clocks any more 🙂

    • Your neighbours might not like you anymore, unless you buy plastic cymbals. :).
      Good morning, Jacquie! Not sure what time it is in SA, but it’s
      morning here.

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