20 thoughts on “Haiku 18

    • I remember my great grandmother shedding tears every time she talked about her young daughter who had died…even after sixty years had gone by.

      • I haven’t done so for a while, however I used to enjoy visiting cemeteries and reading the history. One in particular was a very old one where many ‘small’ graves were marked. One such had a headstone that read: “Here lies Mary Jane aged 2. It was the nanny’s fault”. I couldn’t help but feel somewhat sorry for the nanny, and for the mother who didn’t get to enjoy her daughter’s life…

  1. I love to look at headstones if I visit a graveyard – the stories left behind are so real and heart-breaking, and full of the tragedies and loves of so many lives…

    • I was walking through a cemetery a few weeks ago to search for a family marker. It was the first time I’d spent time in a cemetery in a while.

      The personal histories draw me in, plus it’s good once in a while to be reminded of the brevity of life.

      • Isn’t that the truth? It takes a funeral sometimes to teach us how to truly live. (And the effect wears off, I’m afraid.) We need reminders – like a poem now and then!

  2. My baby brother lost his daughter at birth and I will never forget that tiny little casket at the gravesite. Very stirring haiku Lori.

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