26 thoughts on “Heavy Snow Haiku

  1. Oh Lori, perfect description! And who but a poet could think of describing it in those terms? We have embarrassed evergreens lining our road. I’ll be tactful and look the other way 🙂

  2. I love evergreens so much that I promise not to look up their dresses when such an unfortunate change of events occurs! Lovely poem, Lori! 😀

  3. Look at all those “likes”! You are too popular and it’s gonna go right to your head, Lori!
    lovely Haiku. Sorry, sad little trees.
    Nice to see a new post!

      • oh, I’m so glad – I’ll pass your message along to Karen – she gets SO EXCITED at every review and sweet comment. Thanks for supporting an indie – now, if I can only figure out what to do with all these dang novels…

  4. I’m with Robin–the ending took me aback. Wonderful imagery! I don’t get to see the snow very often, but will think of this when next I do!

    • I wish I could share some snow with you. If my daughter didn’t love it so much, I’d be more of a scrooge about it. I hear we may have a couple more inches by tomorrow.

    • Time for some tea here, too. Tomorrow we are supposed to have an ice storm. Maybe I’ll bring the yellow chairs back when the weather gets nicer. I do enjoy a change for the seasons.

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  6. i always find haikus really difficult to write because you have to paint a whole picture with such few lines…and you did a great job with the above.. what a felt metaphor as well

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