Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Russell


Mr. And Mrs. Thomas Russell 
by Lori Lipsky

~oil on canvas, Charles Peale (1741-1827)
displayed at the Chazen Museum, Madison, WI

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Russell
moved to Wisconsin from out East
over a century ago, but find themselves
still together and happy
after all these years


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19 thoughts on “Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Russell

  1. Well done, Lori! I have to say, though, I sat with the Russells at the Chazen one day, and Mrs. was quite put out over Mr.’s habit of reaching into his shirt to scratch…
    Thanks for the laugh!

    • The more I look at them, the more I like the pair. They are really growing on me. Looks like Mr. Russell was influenced by Napoleon. Some styles really do look silly as we look back, don’t they? Thanks, Robin.

  2. This one makes me laugh. Out. Loud. You have the greatest, most unique perspective.

  3. Loved the sweet nature of this poem – and yes, they do look like they belong together.
    wonderful, wonderful.
    And dang it, wish I lived in Wisconsin. I’d go to that festival!
    Stay warm and well –

    • We got more snow yesterday, but it’s supposed to get up to 26 degrees today. That’s practically a heat wave. It’s probably colder in Vermont, I suppose.

      Can you move to Wisconsin before Sunday? I could use another friendly face in the audience, Sue. 🙂 Thanks for your sweet comment and well-wishes!

      • Wish I could be there – guess I will just have to be there in spirit. Enjoy this heat wave – we’ll have about a foot from this massive storm – so glad I don’t live in Boston right now. So glad.

  4. Delightful Lori! I love it that they are still together. I kinda feel like that long-term connection in my marriage – only we are still alive (well almost). 🙂

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