Next Saturday

Next Saturday

I could read the lyrics of Yeats
sing a Schubert song
listen to Mozart’s Magic Flute
view the Rembrandt exhibit

I could read treasured letters
collected over the years,
share a meal with cherished friends
visit a gorgeous rose garden

But if I owned the freedom to choose
my selection, based on love
would save the rest for another time
and leave Saturday for you
by Lori Lipsky

23 thoughts on “Next Saturday

  1. Re to allusions you reference, much of our stuff does not work if people are not knowledgeable of the people , places and things which we reference(first stanza). Perhaps this is why most of my audience is in the 55 – 75 year old range and well educated.

      • Oooops. It’s just that college grads today do not know much of the classics in history, art, literature, and music. Had many teacher interns under me and since they now focus on women’s studies, multi culture studies, African American and Hispanic authors, New Age, liberation and gender stuff – few are qualified to teach American history or American or British literature. Since they teach what they know they don’t follow the curriculum and the kids don’t know what they need to pass the state tests.

        • Oh, wow. I see what you’re saying. Must have been discouraging as a history teacher to see that happening.
          I just finished reading David McCullough’s “Truman” and though he didn’t have much formal education, he was extremely knowledgable because he was so well read. That’s the key. Reading the classics. Reading history.

          I quizzed my daughter this morning and she identified all four: Yeats, Rembrandt, Mozart and Schubert. Woot.

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