Thoughts Of Travel


Thoughts of Travel
by Lori Lipsky

There's nothing like a waterfall
except the sea

Nothing like European art—
splendor to me

There's nothing like the mountains
green firs at top

But I'm afraid of airplanes, and
unexpected drops
photo by me in front of the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

35 thoughts on “Thoughts Of Travel

    • Funny, Carl. 🙂 I was at Hilldale Mall yesterday to buy some needed linens. It snowed all day here and the roads were a bit slick. Can’t get that in MIami, Carl!

  1. what a cool thing – you in Amsterdam. I want to travel, but my robe and slippers are just to danged comfortable! (Yeah, we’ll go with that excuse).
    Loved your poem. AGAIN.

    • In 2011, my daughter and I flew to London, Paris and Amsterdam. I took my comfy robe and slippers with me. 🙂 I do love to see new places, I just don’t like the flying part. My daughter is an art history student, so we spent our days in art museums. I loved it!

  2. This is so funny Lori. Are you sure we aren’t sisters? I want to see the world, or as much of it as I could drive to 🙂

    • We just need to drive our cars onto one of those ocean ferries. They have those, don’t they? We can practice together on the Merrimac Ferry. 🙂

  3. once on a ski trip we were on a little tiny plane and the stewardess said it’s gonna be rough and strapped herself in. It was. Enjoyed the poem.

  4. My strategy for planes is to just not think about what is actually happening too much. Better yet, pray, and then trust the Lord. Loved the poem!

  5. i like your technique, circling back to the waterfall with your last line. this is a well structured and very charming poem, Lori. I am smiling and re-reading. : )

  6. Haha, Lori; that was clever.
    I’ve traveled on a road completely covered with snow only once. Boy that was so scary, Lori.
    So, even though you may have fears of a certain nature; you’ll probably never appreciate how an Aussie girl feels about your courage in other quarters… 😉

    • And in the last few weeks I’ve watched two shows with airplane crashes. Not a wise thing! Sorry to hear you don’t like to fly either, Resa.

      • Uch! I have to do it for work sometimes, and when my mom was ill I went back and forth 3 times, completely nerve-wracking! Thanks for the understanding, Lori! – Hugs!

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