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  1. I don’t know about other folks, but when I come here directly from Facebook, the title of the post isn’t highlighted so I can’t click on it. I have to go up, click on the name of the blog, and then, after it reloads, click on the title of the post. Beautiful poem! I will appreciate it even more next December!

    • “Next December”…ahahahaha…you are so funny Anita. My thoughts exactly!

    • Thanks for helping out a blogger in yet another way, Anita. I tried linking from other locations, and it seems it’s only from Facebook where you need to click on the header first. I’ve made the change above, too.

      Hope you’ve got your fireplace going today.

  2. I love this sweet poem – now…. BRING ON SPRING!
    And as to ways to help a fellow blogger – I so agree. These drive by “likers” who don’t even load your page and don’t read… why bother, really? And… just why doesn’t wordpress change that function. It’s so stupid!
    Makes a girl from Vermont kinda crabby.

    • A friend of mine suggested I write a brief tutorial on approaching a WP blog post, and after talking to several regular readers I discovered none were clicking on the title, and they didn’t know how to access the like and sharing buttons.

      I’ll take a drive-by liker any day. It’s the drive-by haters that make blogging tough. I hope they don’t find us!

      What are your first spring flowers in Vermont? In southern Wisconsin, not many grow crocuses, but they come first. Then daffodils, then tulips, and many neighbors grow some of each.

      • drive by likers are a strange blogger bird. They hit “like” from the reader panel – then when you check out their site, you see all the comments are something like this, “thanks for ‘liking’ my post. I couldn’t wait to check out your blog!”. Now those drive byers have 1) a view 2) a like and 3) a comment. None of which they gave you the courtesy of. So, that is why I do not like drive by likers.They make me cranky.
        Onto flowers – sounds like we live next door! We won’t see those beauties, though, until late April. Howdy neighbor!!! (I wish)

    • I’m trying to like the snowfall today, too, but it’s not coming naturally. 😉

      I think you’ve read everything about snow that I’ve ever written, so thanks for sticking with me! I appreciate your support, Robin.

      I’m so glad you’re feeling well enough today to be on the computer. 😀

  3. Whenever you write little things, I read them on my Reader. Otherwise, I stop by.
    I saw snow for the first time this winter, it was fantastic.
    Thanks for the poems…

  4. So true… I’m usually too busy trying to figure out how the snow is going to cause problems for me to appreciate its beauty. This is a good reminder to appreciate the simple things!

  5. Ahhh, we had many snowflakes to ponder upon today. I just have to sift through them!

  6. Beautiful – as always your poems bring tranquility to my day. As spring is trying to bloom around here, it was nice to reflect back on the first snowflake of the winter season. Like the flowers of spring – that first snowflake is also a welcome. Aren’t we blessed to have so the seasons and to be able to enjoy each one. Blessings – Patty

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