Walking Home After Dark


Walking Home After Dark
by Lori Lipsky

Unknown dangers lurk
behind each tree

a black car slows down
my heart speeds up
so does my pace

I reach my back door
fumble for the key

unlock the door
step inside
close it fast behind me

flip on the light

 photo credit: Perry Kroll/istockphoto

35 thoughts on “Walking Home After Dark

  1. I thought I was the only one who could freak myself out like that. You capture it perfectly!

  2. That photo is perfectly creepy for a perfectly scary poem. Now I think you should write one about going going up basement steps- the sort with no backs on them so something can reach through and grab your ankle.

  3. Stacia,

    I’ve seen enough television to know that every once in a great while, someone does lurk behind the tree. Why do I watch those shows?

  4. BRRRRRRR! Let’s see… big dog, big spotlight, big whistle, big can of mace, big umbrella, big fella walking with me. That should just about do it! Good job, Lori. Now I need to watch Pollyanna or something before bed!

  5. Sounds like you live in Miami. I have never owned a cell phone but I may get one just to keep in car glove compartment in case of a break down to call AAA or report a mishap or criminal activity.

  6. And here I was thinking we only had those kinds of episodes in our country full of crime! Wonderfully written Lori. As Sue said ~ even my heart was racing reading it.

  7. Sorry to take so danged long to visit, Lori. I read this on my smartie phone from work (please don’t tell my boss).
    Wow – creepy and so true! I used to worry for strangers when I lived in town – now we hurry from the car because of bear and coyote and even the stray cougar!
    As always, you’ve done an amazing job capturing emotions in so few words.
    Did I ask if you’re publshed?
    If you aren’t, did I ask why not?

    • Interesting perspective, Sue. Strangers in town, and wild animals in the country. Thank you for your encouraging words.
      Published? I’ve got about two dozen poems published. You can link to a few in my published page. Book? Not yet, but I’d like to get going on one. Thanks for asking. ~Lori (you’ve got me wondering about your job now, and I won’t tell).

  8. Lori, I love your site and your poems! I read many of them.
    Few well chosen words say so much, describing not what is happening but the feeling behind it.
    In this one, the fear, necessary to protect the self, is very evident just as is the security of home.
    Very happy to have met you!
    Blessings and Light!

    • Thank you for taking some time with my poems, and for leaving a comment. I appreciate your kind words, Katina. Your remarks about the security of home touched my heart. I’m glad to have met you. Welcome to the patio!

    • Yes, you never know if a bad stranger has come to town, Dor. I grew up in a very small town, but was still never quite sure if it was safe to walk home in the dark.

  9. Ow…I would have to check in with late at night with the wind howling and…ooohhh. Glad to be safe–I hope–without having to go out or answer the door. So vivid.

    • This one does seem to work best when read in the dark of night. Wasn’t it nice of the wind to help me out?
      Good of you to drop over, Lisa. 🙂 Now go lock your doors.

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