35 thoughts on “Dinner For One

  1. Sounds like the opening shot of a much longer piece or even a series. Having dined alone in my two years “on the road,” I know the experience well, pro and con. Sometimes you overhear some juicy conversations. Sometimes you just get to observe the surroundings more intently.
    The kind of restaurant and the hour of day make a big difference, too. A run-down diner at 9 p.m., say, in contrast to a cozy Italian place with wine.
    Or you could sit at the bar and find forced comradeship, if you can hear anyone over the din.

    • Those juicy conversations are a writer’s dream. Sometimes I want to ask folks to talk just a bit louder, please.

      In addition to time of day and type of restaurant, my mood also plays a role. Eating alone can be an adventure or a bummer. Sounds like you have plenty of experience with it. Thank you for your encouraging remarks.

  2. This is such an interesting perspective, and you represent it so well. My husband
    would rather go hungry than eat alone at a restaurant. I don’t mind (occasionally)
    because it gives me a chance to people watch. What makes it OK for me is knowing I have a home, family and friends waiting. It would be hard if home were as lonely as the restaurant.

  3. How do you do it, Lori? This piece has rhythm for the ears, shape for the eyes, and touches the heart. You’ve got my imagination going wild with scenarios! Well done.

  4. You have captured the experience of many people who dine alone including even the camaraderie of the staff which I had never thought of before. Touche’

  5. I’ve had that experience so many times in cities all over the world. It’s never really bothered me too much, but the one place I felt less conspicuously alone was a diner on North Lincoln in Chicago that was frequented by many loners, especially pensioners, and the ‘aloners’ had a silent camaraderie all of their own 🙂

  6. So few words, Lori with an enormous afterlife..!
    You do this so well…!
    I don’t mind sitting alone as long as I have something to read, which probably means I don’t like sitting alone…!!!

  7. A great poem that says it all about dining alone. I always felt terribly self conscious in a restaurant when I traveled for work.

  8. Lori, I’m a coward when it comes to eating alone in a restaurant. Once for an out-of-town job I used room service for my meals… Your poem says it so eloquently and so true!

    Blessings ~ Wendy

    • There’s nothing wrong with room service, but sometimes it’s less lonely to get out and be with others.

      I had to eat alone a lot in my college years because I lived in an apartment off campus and didn’t have a car.

      If you get brave and want to try it sometime, take a book or magazine. These days I take a pen and notebook. Some of my favorite poems were born in restaurants. Thank you for dropping over, Wendy. It’s always nice to hear from you!

  9. Your poem expresses well my feelings in that situation.
    Although, there’s a cozy neighbourhood spot where they serve at the bar. It’s normal and fun to eat at the bar, if you’re alone.

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