20 thoughts on “Haiku 20

  1. Hokey smokes! I tremble as I try to retrieve the funny bone, cringe knowing that soon the buzzer will vibrate all the way up my arm, and find myself either in the waiting room or being prepped with IV. All of that in syllables of four, three and two. Good job, Lori!

    • The Operation game is a fun memory. My mom has me thinking about surgery. Thankfully hers went well. Thanks for your encouraging comment, Robin!

  2. Did you ever drop a heart in a throat for ‘Operation’? That’s where mine was when I read this before I saw your Facebook post! Amazing haiku but not one that puts a song in the heart in my throat!

  3. I forgot about Operation the game. I don’t think I ever played it. I am appreciate the other comments. Fantastic haiku!

    • Sue, It’s not too late. I read that Hasbro still makes it (originally by Milton Bradley). Your grandkids? Maybe you can inspire some surgeons-to-be?

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