Turquoise Or Teal Or Whatever

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Turquoise or Teal or Whatever by Lori Lipsky

We used to call the color turquoise
then fashion changed to teal

Teal tips green, style said green
until it tottered back toward blue

Trends lean now to turquoise again
or maybe the fad has faded out

Wave wet wands, add some white
and aqua takes command

Change your wardrobe, paint your walls
replace your underwear!

It's aqua now, until teal returns
but must I care?

photo credit: iStockphoto/A.Hopkins

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34 thoughts on “Turquoise Or Teal Or Whatever

    • When I was a young WI kid back in the early Shula years, I loved cheering for Miami…because of their colors…and their ability to win.

    • Turquoise it is, then! Thanks, Stacia.

      I just read your most recent post, about moving from the ranch. I rarely read every word of long posts, but I do hang on every word of yours. I love your writing, your style, what you have to say… I tried to comment, but couldn’t. Perhaps you’ve disabled them, or else I just need to go back and work on it. I’ll try again later. Let me know when the book comes out (I hope you’re working on one) and I’ll be one of the first to purchase. πŸ™‚

  1. Oh my, is this ever fun! I lean towards names like ‘Misty Mountain Blue’ or ‘Rolling Ocean Green’.
    By the way, I never know if that purply-red color is maroon or burgundy or wine or…?

  2. I love them all… πŸ™‚
    Turquoise, teal, blue, aqua something; they are all gorgeous to me…
    I really love the blue hues; don’t care what they’re called – fashion ain’t my thing…! πŸ™‚
    This was really cute, Lori… πŸ™‚

  3. Lovely poem, Lori!

    Just like you said…a little more green or a different shade of blue and something worn years ago cannot be worn again…if you really care to follow what designers dictate. Like you, I don’t care to follow. All I care is how beautiful the sea is when surrounding greenery comes so close that allows its hues to intermingle with the water, giving the impression of a beautiful turqoise!

    All the variations though need light to shine!
    Love and Light to you to Lori!

    • I love your comment about the blue shades of the seas… and the light. I could listen to talk about blue hues of bodies of water for a long time.

      We were able to see the Aegean, Ionian, Mediterranean, etc. two and a half years ago. One of my favorite memories of our vacation is seeing the blues of the seas for the first time. Beautiful! Thanks, Katina

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