Published In Four And Twenty

My short poem “In Giverny” has been chosen for publication by Four and Twenty. Their April 2013 issue including my poem was released today. I’m excited to be part of their National Poetry Month celebration.To see the issue you can click here.

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31 thoughts on “Published In Four And Twenty

  1. How you get so few words to say so much, Lori, is beyond me. “In Giverny” evokes beauty, history and a heartful of Monet’s work. Well done! And congratulations.

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  4. Congrats. I enter all the poetry contests. Then the company picks the “winners” (about 400) and you appear in an anthology which you can buy at discount of $60. Hmmm. At least 400 books at $60 minus $6 per book manufacture – do the math. We should start holding contests. Of course I buy one and suppose they make nice heirlooms of grampa’s stuff. Unless , of, course the kids use the pages to start the Bar-B-Q.

  5. So exciting Lori!! Congratulations ~ your work is outstanding; I am not surprised you have been chosen for this honor 🙂 x RL

  6. My belated congratulations Lori!
    It’s always so thrilling, I feel, to see a little bit of ourselves immortalised in some way!

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