The Barn Door and Roses


I’m over at the Barn Door dreaming and writing about roses from a Midwestern perspective. Click here to see my photos of roses from Sonoma County, CA and Portland, Oregon, the City of Roses.

I can’t wait to see roses around my Wisconsin neighborhood. It’s been an almost-eternal winter, but it won’t be long now…the crocus and tulip greens are up in front of my house.

Your comments over at the Barn Door are appreciated. Thank you friends for your support! ~Lori

13 thoughts on “The Barn Door and Roses

  1. I have trouble leaving a comment at The Barn Door (maybe it’s the IPad :-)) so will send my praises here. We have snow here today and those beautiful roses look mighty fine!

    • I can almost smell them. :). Thanks for heading over and reading my little Midwest piece. Sorry you had trouble commenting, but it was sweet of you to try. ~Lori

    • Oh, I didn’t know! We were there in August 2012. It was my first time. My favorite memories: the large rose garden (unbelievable!), the river walk, Multnomah Falls, and the double-decker bridge. The weather was perfect when we were there, too. That always helps. Thanks, Sheri!

  2. It’s cold here today – chance of frost tonight. Wacky stinking weather. Hope your roses are growing!
    hugs to you-

    • Two weeks later I’m happy to report my tulips are up and so is the green grass, but last night we had a chance of frost. Hugs back- Lori

      • Frost. sigh. Hate the stuff. We’ve had the wood stove on for the past three days.
        Really? what happened to all that heat?

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