A Rainy Day Perspective

water drop

One is Loved, One is Hated

The steady all-day
tap tap tap
of rain
on drought-parched
and roofs

The steady all-day
plunk plunk plunk
of rain
on flood-drenched
and roofs

by Lori Lipsky
photo: Okea/istockphoto

24 thoughts on “A Rainy Day Perspective

  1. This leaves me wanting more of your drip, drop, plink, plenk words –
    Give me more rain!!

  2. ain’t that the truth! Your titles are truly inspired. They are part of the poem and so often an unexpected twist on what we were expecting!

    • I always appreciate your comments, Anita. Titles are one of my favorite writing tasks, so thank you for noticing here and there. πŸ™‚

  3. I liked this one, because it really made me think. Each word was important – I liked how you shifted it around from drought to flood.
    Nicely done, my dear!

  4. It all depends on the perspective, doesn’t it? I know I have experienced both the deep blessing and the curse of rain, depending on the situation…

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