Poppies By Van Gogh, A Poem

Poppies Field

I’ve posted a new poem at The Barn Door. It’s about poppies. The paintings of Vincent Van Gogh provided inspiration.

Your comments at The Barn Door are much appreciated. Thank you kindly WP friends for your support! You make me smile. ~Lori

photo: Tokarski/istockphoto

10 thoughts on “Poppies By Van Gogh, A Poem

  1. Just lovely, Lori.
    I did try to comment (several times) over at Barn Door using WordPress, but it tells me my url has illegal characters. “lol”

    • The Barn Door is a blogger site, and so one must use Google or a gmail address, or sign into blogger, because WP and Blogger are grrr competitors…BUT, so nice of you to try…several times!! That’s so sweet. Thanks, Resa!!!! xoxox

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