37 thoughts on “A Nighttime Haiku

  1. Thanks, Lori, for adjusting my perspective with your few, well-chosen words.

    • One of the yellow chairs has your name on it, Jane. Come over whenever it’s convenient for you. You’re always welcome here. Thank you for your generous, encouraging remark.

  2. Beautiful Lori!
    Just a few words saying so much.
    I often hear friends say they miss even their spouses bad habits when they no longer here.

    God bless!

  3. Funny how something so annoying can evoke such a different response when it is gone. Beautifully done Lori.

  4. Your poor neighbor! Although it only happens once in awhile, I would miss N’s snore terribly. Years ago I decided it was a giant cat purring. Thanks for the Haiku!

  5. What a beautiful haiku! Thank you for following my blog and I’ll drop in on yours as well.

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