The Widow’s Gorgeous Flowerbeds


The Widow’s Gorgeous Flowerbeds 

Her investment
in beauty
earns dividends
she may never realize
in this lifetime

by Lori Lipsky
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21 thoughts on “The Widow’s Gorgeous Flowerbeds

  1. Well, I hope someone tells her(and anyone else who shares loveliness without expecting anything in return) how she has been a blessing. Beauty should beget beauty.

    • I’ve enjoyed flowers outside a home before and neglected to tell the owner until it was too late…they’d moved.
      Procrastinate no longer, Lori!!!

    • Tender-hearted, Jacquie. I’ll need to sew some pockets on the sides of the yellow chairs and tuck some tissues there for you. 🙂 Hugs. xoxo

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