At The City Park

At The City Park by Lori Lipsky
Mothers push strollers
joggers pass them by
lovers walk hand in hand
children swing in swings
vendors sell hot dogs
to workers on break
but the shift change comes
at dusk—
while some hurry out
others slither in, and
even the police keep away
after dark

23 thoughts on “At The City Park

    • Thank you for stopping over and noticing the temperature change as darkness approached. 🙂 Your comments always bring encouragement along with them, Robin.

  1. ‘While some hurry out others slither in’–I love this!! You evoke so many pictures in my head with such wonderfully chosen words. Well done!

  2. Poetry has this advantage over prose: a very few words, no dialogue, yet an entire 24 hour day immediately springs to my mind. I should add that poetry in the hand of a gifted poet does this. Excellent, Lori!

    • Thank you, dear Prude. Your generous comment is much appreciated.
      I’m wondering if the Tuesday Prude will approve of the nickname TP? 😀 😀

      • Prudes hold the inventor of TP in highest esteem, even though we don’t refer to it in mixed company. Therefore it would be an honor to be nicknamed TP, once it is understood you are speaking of The Tuesday Prude. Maybe TTP?

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