24 thoughts on “An Inland Haiku

  1. Having just returned from the cliffs overlooking the Pacific, and what appeared to be much happier gulls, I have to say these birds look a little lost. It’s amazing how your words say so much. I wonder if these are young birds looking for adventure and finding cement.

    • I hope you enjoyed your time away, Sue. Next time I see a flock in the Barnes and Noble parking lot (no lake anywhere near) I’ll tell them Sue recommends the West Coast.

    • I can understand why gulls would love Seattle, but why in the world do they want to hang out west of Madison, WI, miles from any lake, in the middle of a parking lot?

  2. When our northeast gales begin to howl they scurry from the beach and head into the empty parking lot by the hundreds till the tide turns and brings in more food. Nice piece you did!

  3. I always wonder if the gulls do think vast expanses of concrete are actually the sea. Clever post and the gulls remind me of my beloved doves and pigeons. Beautiful Lori!

    • So glad you liked my little poem, Stacia. Thanks! I was just on your site for a while. I noticed the Freshly Pressed badge…has it been there a long time or is it new? I tried to find your post that was Freshly Pressed, but couldn’t. Which one is it…I’d love to read the comments.
      Whether it was recent or long ago…congratulations!!

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