16 thoughts on “An Appalachian Trail Haiku

  1. Lori, I love when your words bring questions to mind! Whose hammocks are they? Who is commanding the bears to stay away (um, I’m pretty sure it’s a mom)? Why would anyone hang hammocks out in the open along a wilderness-ish trail–is it possible they hope to sleep?

    • I shouldn’t give away any poet secrets I suppose, but this mom is yelling at the bears to stay away from daughter Paige and her friend. They love to hike portions of the AT, and they plan to brave Mount Katahdin to the AT terminus in a couple of weeks. Hopefully the bears will hear my haiku. 🙂

  2. That title is an alliterative gem. Looking at the the leafless trees, one can only hope the bears are still hibernating.

  3. Could it just be that the bright colours of the hammocks would put off the bears? What is it that welcomes us into such beautiful wilderness and at the same time frightens us of the things it holds?


    • Shakti, I hope it’s not just the bright colors, because the darkness of evening will bring a new set of troubles. Thank you for stopping by the patio! All the best to you. ~Lori

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