Skilled scouts
spot Potential Earnings
right off the bus, and
hand them over to
master illusionists
who wave powerful wands
of deceit, and
like magic
unprotected youths
into streams
of revenue
by Lori Lipsky
photo: Ljupco/istockphoto

22 thoughts on “Abracadabra

  1. Bonechilling and sobering and so sadly true. This is especially appropriate after the events of yesterday. What a brilliant light on such a dark, dank business!

    • They prey on the weak–runaways and orphans–at their most vulnerable. Their magic is dark and dank indeed. Thank you, Anita.

  2. Unfathomable what some are willing to do to others for profit. I wonder how seared a soul must be to engage in such darkness. As always, Lori, I am amazed at how beautifully you paint a picture with so few words. Well done.

  3. Beautifully depicted. I think about this subject a lot after a very strange conversation I had with a truck driver, they seem to know everything. Shame knowing about things doesn’t stop them from happening. I seriously think there should be a lot more plain clothes police roaming the streets, but there isn’t the money *sigh*

    • I’m thankful the subject is coming to light, but as you say, many of us feel helpless to do anything. Thank you for taking the time to comment, Catherine. It’s good to have you on the Patio!

      • Jody Hedlund covers this in one of her books, Unending Devotion I think it was.

  4. A difficult topic, Lori. Your line “unprotected youths” forces us to look at the reality.

  5. A harsh observation of the worst perpetrators in life – those who prey on the young. Your poetry here is stark and impressive Lori. You say it all and put it all right out there.

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