New Parents

Interior of nursery.

New Parents
The simplicity of parenthood
lost itself for a time
amidst the tempest of
philosophies, and 
well-meaning advice

until a cry
and a need
for a diaper change
blew the worriers
back to basics

by Lori Lipsky


20 thoughts on “New Parents

  1. Thanks, Lori. I’ve come to rely on you to get my regular perspective check. I do love how our children themselves can bring us back to basics.

    • Thanks, Joanie. I was just wondering how many baby blankets you’ve knitted in the last year. It’s lots, I know!

      I look forward to seeing you tomorrow! 😀

  2. excellent! great play with words, admirable wit, and strong insight. (can you tell I really like this one?) Parenting infants wasn’t long ago for me…

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